LEGO Nintendo (NES) leaked with controller, cartridge, and tiny TV

A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) original game console LEGO set was leaked. This set looks to roll with several exclusive parts, including a Mario JUMP flat brick and several 1-peg pieces – like a turtle shell and a mushroom. There's a one-brick flat mystery block too. With this set, you'll be able to create all sorts of different scenes from the original game – and expand beyond the original, too.

This set appear to include a collection of pieces that have not been included with sets before now – but certainly look every bit as legit as any official set we've seen released before. This set looks like a LEGO Ideas set made real – but does not seem to match any LEGO Ideas set we've seen in the recent past.

This set includes both the NES console itself and an old-school television. The old-school television will function with gears that allow the screen to show Mario leaping across the screen. This setup also includes a feature that'll potentially connect with previously released LEGO Mario sets on top of the TV set. This set will feature a cord to emulate the cord that connects the console's controller – and the controller, too!

This console includes one Super Mario Bros cartridge – built with bricks, of course. The set would appear to feature 2646 pieces, and is recommended for ages 18 and up. Leaked imagery of this set suggests it'll be set number 71374. Cross your fingers this set ends up being everything it appears to be – with expandability!

If this set is everything it appears to be, we can assume we'll be paying somewhere around $265 USD at launch. This set might be limited edition, as many licensed sets at this price range seem to be – but we shall see!

UPDATE: After the initial leak, this set was teased by LEGO's official social media accounts. This is as good an indication as any that this set is all it appears to be cracked up to be.