LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set released for $330

There's a next-level DIY robotics LEGO set out in the world starting this week, and it's called SPIKE Prime! This is a LEGO Education set, which means it's geared toward students – but you're not the sort of person to let a silly thing like that stop you from using the newest in LEGO power enhance the builds you've had brewing, right?

The LEGO SPIKE Prime programmable kit was first introduced to the world back in April of 2019. Back then it was all about leveling-up what was possible with LEGO bricks and the potential for teaching youngsters about the future of robotics. Better than that, the SPIKE Prime kit was made to introduce kids to the world of robotics in a way that built their confidence in STEAM programming. (S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.)

The SPIKE Prime kit was made to enable functions of many sorts with LEGO bricks and mobile devices. Using Bluetooth connectivity, a student can control a LEGO robotics project with an iPad, or an Android smartphone. Take a peek at the video below to see what this set is all about.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set was released for the first time to the public this week through the official LEGO Education website. You can find this set, "LEGO Education SPIKE Prime" over at the LEGO Education site right about now for approximately $330 USD.

NOTE: For those of you that are AFOL or otherwise hardcore LEGO enthusiasts, you'll probably be interested in what's new about this set. Aside from the connected bits, the power system, and such, this new set contains a whopping ELEVEN NEW LEGO ELEMENTS. You can see 8/11 elements in the images in the gallery below.

Look like the pieces you've been looking for all this time? How about those wacky colors? Would you like these pieces to be released elsewhere in some more standard-looking tones? Take a peek in the timeline below for more recent LEGO review goodness!