Leaked PS3 Slim photos prompt Cease & Desist notice

Opinion on what were claimed to be leaked chassis images and box-art for the upcoming Sony PS3 Slim tended toward the dubious, but they've just received a shot in the arm courtesy of of a cease & desist letter.  Sent to Engadget (who bizarrely weren't even the first site to feature them), the letter is not from Sony but from another, so-far unnamed Chinese firm, potentially the owners of the factory in which the leaked shots were taken.C&D notice after the cut

"Dear Sir,

We just find that the following web pages on your website contain some confidential document and photos, which were highly possibly illegally released and posted:


We are investigating this violation and will bring all necessary legal actions regarding this matter. In order to protect the confidential information and prevent you from further legal issues and infringements, please immediately remove those pages and keep our request confidential. If you have any question regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us.

Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

Best regards"

Being as how it's not actually from Sony themselves, this isn't the conclusive proof many would like to read it as.  However it is more suspicious when a company appears extra-keen to reduce visibility of leaked photos.

Of course, the C&D notice doesn't change what we can see in the photos, and that leaves us with the same authenticity doubts.  The branding appears to be wrong, at least based on Sony's approach to-date, switching to "PS3" from "PLAYSTATION 3" as the console has so far been referred to.