Sony PS3 Slim leaked photos look pretty fake

Is this the Sony PS3 Slim, narrowed-down follow up to the PlayStation 3?  That's what workers in a Chinese manufacturing plant would like us to believe, but the jury as to the images' authenticity is still out.  On offer is the PS3 Slim box art and several shots of the supposed casing.

On the positive side, the box art does look very complete, and seems a whole lot of effort to go to if you're producing a cheap knock-off console.  Everything else seems somewhat dubious, however: the casing pieces look cheap and sub-standard compared to Sony's current-generation PlayStation 3, and then there's the fonts and logos.

While "PS3" has become the general reference term for the console, Sony have persisted in calling it by its full, proper name: the PLAYSTATION 3.  However both box and console in these photos are branded as PS3, which suggests either a significant change in Sony's direction or a pratfall by the copycats.  Sony are yet to comment on the images, but have previously denied plans to create a slimline version of the PS3.

[via Kotaku]