Leaked OnePlus 2 sketches hint at dual camera setup

The clues leading to the OnePlus 2 are piling up even as we barely have a month left before we see the real thing. Although OnePlus itself is only too happy to tease its fans, this recent batch doesn't come from the horse's mouth. Someone somewhere leaked out design sketches for the upcoming "flagship killer part deux" and it has some very interesting tidbits. Provided you give it credence of course. Aside from confirming rumors of a glass and metal build, the drawings also suggest that there might be a dual camera ala HTC.

The sketches come in two parts, one that details the front and one for the back of the smartphone. The first sketch seen above confirms which parts of the OnePlus 2 will be metal and which will be glass. The edges, or specifically the bottom one on the side of the USB port, will be stainless steel. Naturally, the front top will be glass. It also notes that the front-facing camera will have an 8 megapixel sensor, which is one of the highest without going into crazy 13 megapixel territory.

The second details the back. Again we see notation for a glass top, creating a glass-meta-glass sandwich similar to Sony's design. There is also confirmation here of the placement of the fingerprint sensor at the back, along what is presumably the metal strip we've seen in a previous leak.

What's completely new here are indications of a double camera setup. This would make it similar to what HTC had with the One M8, which was removed in the One M9. This feature would give an element of depth sensing to its photography abilities, which can be used for changing focus after a photo has been taken or measuring the distance between objects.

This is the first time a dual camera feature was ever mentioned in any leak. In fact, based on a previous outing of what is supposedly the OnePlus 2's case, there is no room for that at all. There might, however, be an explanation. There is now reason to believe that there might be more than one OnePlus 2 model and one of those might have that feature. Then again, these are just design sketches and even if they might be the real thing, the final product could end up radically different anyway.

SOURCE: Business Insider