Leaked iPhone 6 battery won’t give you more juice

Nate Swanner - Jul 17, 2014, 11:37am CDT
Leaked iPhone 6 battery won’t give you more juice

A previous rumor (or series of them) suggested the iPhone 6 would have a slightly larger battery. Rumored to be right around 1850mAh, we speculated the size difference and power draw of the screen would offset any perceived benefits from a bigger battery. A newly leaked image may confirm the battery size of the upcoming iPhone 6.

This battery reportedly comes from Huizhou Desay Battery, which is believed to be making the batteries for the next iPhone. While the battery clearly has their name on it, a blatant ripoff can’t be ruled out. As you can also see, the battery claims to be 1810mAh.

We’ve heard the battery would be between 1800-1900mAh, so this definitely meets that rumor head-on. The manufacturer, though is different from the OEM we heard about two days ago.

What this and other rumors fail to mention is which iPhone 6 variant this may be for. We’re expecting both a 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen size option to compliment the 4-inch model. With a new manufacturing technique for the iPhone 6, it’s unclear which device — or devices — this may be for. It’s unlikely Apple will use the same battery size across the lineup.

The picture doesn’t show how slim the battery is, unfortunately. While it’s not the OEM we’ve heard of, there is a possibility Apple has multiple vendors for their different device needs. For now, it seems the talk of battery life similar to the iPhone 5S may hold true.

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