iPhone 6 may have same battery life as 5S, rumor suggests

Nate Swanner - Jul 7, 2014, 5:30pm CDT
iPhone 6 may have same battery life as 5S, rumor suggests

All this talk of the iPhone 6 screen and rear case — but very little about the internals. We’ve seen a leaked shot of the alleged power and volume rocker components, but that’s about it. Today, we’re getting wind of another rumor that casts a bit of doubt on whether the next iPhone will be worth it for a certain demographic out there.

Battery life is among the chief concerns to most smartphone owners, and the iPhone is, well, lacking. The small 1570mAh battery on the iPhone 5S leaves many searching for an outlet or external battery pack at one point or another during their day. The new, larger Phone was one enthusiasts could point to as the device that may change that.

Not so, says a new rumor out of China. The next iPhone is said to have a battery between 1800-1900mAh, which sounds great on paper — until you appreciate the main point of interest. The larger screen would demand more battery juice, thus negating the effect a slightly stepped-up battery.

Of course, the new iPhone is also rumored to be about 6mm thin, so there’s that to consider as a benefit. Most would probably trade better battery life for a slim form factor, though. As always, rumors being what they are — don’t get too worked up about it. We’ve not seen anything close to official, or even believable yet.

Via: GforGames

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