Leaked iPad 2 leather case apparently confirms camera, more [Video]

Chris Davies - Feb 21, 2011
Leaked iPad 2 leather case apparently confirms camera, more [Video]

Another day and another leaked iPad 2 case, this time leather rather than the silicone skins we’ve seen before. MIC Gadget were passed the case from an Asian supplier, which claims it was designed and tested around an authentic iPad 2; apparently 120,000 units were shipped out to “a famous case company” last month.

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As for the differences, the new case is supposedly thinner and won’t accomodate a first-gen iPad, with the shape of the mount suggesting a flat back and tapered sides. There’s also a larger speaker cut-out and a rear camera hole; apparently the supplier also showed off – but wouldn’t allow photographs of – an iPad 2 rear panel, complete with camera port but no Apple logo quite yet.

Meanwhile, MIC Gadget took the opportunity to ask about the smaller iPhone, and the supplier reckons it is indeed on the way. Last we heard, Apple wasn’t reading an iPhone nano as much as a cheaper variant, with lower-spec internals but the same size display so as to avoid iOS developers having to rework their apps.



[via GottaBeMobile]

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