Larklife fitness wristband tracks your sleep, diet, exercise, and more

All sorts of fitness and health devices have been storming the market recently — Nike's FuelBand and the Jawbone UP are just a couple that come to mind. A company called Lark is looking to break into the fitness gadget market in a big way with their Larklife wristband, which tracks pretty much every aspect of your life.

The wristband tracks various fitness and health factors like how many steps you take, the number of calories burned, the distance you traveled on any given day, your diet, and how much sleep you get. It seems to be a more ambitious approach to Nike's or Jawbone's offering, and it comes accompanied with an iOS app that you can use to personalize the device.

The band is splash resistant and has a pedometer built inside, which counts your steps every day. The sleep feature is especially cool — it can tell how long you sleep each night, as well as how long it takes you to actually get to sleep each night. There's also a vibrating alarm built into the band to wake you up each morning. As for monitoring your diet, Larklife actually doesn't track your food intake, but the app includes a feature where you manually enter in your meals.

The band looks a little more bulkier than some of its competitors, but we're guessing that's because of all the added features and hardware that sits inside the wristband. Whether or not it will be comfortable to wear all the time is up for questioning. The Larklife wristband will cost $150 and is currently available for pre-order, and Lark will announced ship dates later this year.