Kokoon Nightbuds now use AI to help manage your sound sleep better

There is a huge market for tech dedicated to helping you sleep better. There is no dearth of products like smart beds (like Sleep Number) or smart mattresses (like the 3D Matrix from Ghost SmartBed), but audio is undoubtedly one of the hottest areas for products to help you sleep better. While many major audio brands including Bose offer devices that aid to better sleep, certain others are wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to ensuring good nights.

Kokoon is one of such brands, and its Nightbuds are snug Bluetooth earbuds that help you drift off into a comfortable sleep with the help of ambient or binaural tracks, audiobooks, or the music of your choice. Now, Kukoon has announced new features to improve your sleep quality further and claims its new algorithm uses AI to offer a deeper analysis to help you get more rest at night.

Using AI to advise you on better sleep

Kukoon's earbuds house crucial sensors to detect your sleep including an infrared light to detect your heart rate while you are wearing the earbuds. All of this data is presented to the user via the MyKokoon phone app which now gets additional features.

First off, Kokoon says the algorithm of the app now uses AI to measure data more accurately. With the help of AI, it will diversify the information shown on the MyKokoon app and offer personalized advice based on the data recorded by the app. 

MyKokoon will now also share your sleep data with Apple's Health Kit APIs so it can be combined with the data from other devices like the Apple Watch and presented holistically in the Health app on iOS. Lastly, while Kokoon already integrates Spotify and Audible with automatic bookmarking and fading as soon as it detects you have fallen asleep, it will now also support the meditation app Calm to help you sleep better with simple guided meditation tracks.

Upcoming features to help you sleep better

In addition to these features, Kokoon is working to add a suite of features to improve your sleeping experience. It is working include smart schedules that automatically detect your natural circadian rhythm and wake you up with a smart alarm when you are sleeping lightly. Instead of playing an annoying buzzer sound, you can use music or a podcast to help you wake up fresh and jubilant.

The improved algorithms will also offer you tools to get back to sleep quickly when you have woken up in the middle of the night. And finally, based on your sleep-wake cycles, the data will be used to assign you a chronotype (as defined by Sleep Foundation) so you can not only get sound sleep inside your cocoon but also benefit from it to achieve great physical and mental health and high creative energy while working.