Kodak "new type of camera" promised for CES 2010

Kodak's recent performance may not quite live up to the company's photographic heritage, but when they say they've got an "entirely new type of camera" lined up for CES we'll still take notice.  According to electricpig, a "highly placed source" at the company has revealed that Kodak are planning to bring both a new camera and a new camcorder to the electronics show in January, although details beyond that are more than scarce.

The camcorder will follow on from Kodak's Zi8 point-and-shoot, and given the sales success of the budget video niche we're not surprised that a successor is in the works.  As for the "new type of camera", it's unclear whether that means a new type for Kodak or, less likely perhaps, a new type altogether.  If the former, it could mean a DSLR or similar; if the latter, considering we've seen 3D cameras and point-and-shoots with pico-projectors built-in from Kodak's rivals, the sky really is the limit.