Kobo Touch with Offers up now for $99, competes with $79 Nook

It's another battle of the e-readers, ladies and gentlemen, the same thing that's been going on for the past handful of years whenever the winter holiday season rolls around, and this year it's a battle of the prices – Kobo Touch with Offers is the newest offering, available now, from the big K, offering you their least expensive price for the cheap exchange of ads in the interim. What you get is the same great Kobo Touch e-reader you know and love (but might never have owned until now) but with advertisements on the display whenever you put it to sleep. That's how they make it so inexpensive, and that's what they're putting up for competition with the short discount of the newest generation Nook e-reader which is $79 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What you've got before you is a decision between the two really, and when it comes down to it it's all about form and coverage. Your humble narrator of course prefers the feel of the newest generation Nook as its all round and the size of an adult palm, essentially, while the Kobo is slightly more square around the edges, but I can't speak on the libraries either one offer up. Of course there's always an ad-supported Kindle in the mix, but the price on the Nook just cannot be beat (not as of yet, that is.) But wait a minute – what's the reason for purchasing one of these readers over their full color alternates?

The loveliness of e-ink, of course, pages that wont bust up your eyes and still can be read in the dark or right in the direct sunlight. With devices like the Nook Tablet you get a much more versatile system, but the color display is IPS and does stand the chance of giving you a headache, as most color displays do, if you're reading it through a full novel. Head over to your local Best Buy or Target to see all of these readers as both stores have them all on display for you to tap around on now – best way to choose!