Kobo N514 ereader images surface showing new device

Kobo debuted its limited edition Aura HD ebook reader back in April, and we got our hands on it shortly after. Now a new device from the company has surfaced in a batch of leaked images, and though we don't know the final name of it yet, it is similar in design to the Aura from the front. While not much is known about it, some details have surfaced via an FCC filing.

You can see the full gallery of images below, which gives us a pretty good look at the slate from all sides. They first surfaced over at the German website Lesen, which refers to the device as the Kobo N514, which is likely not its final name. By the looks of it, this will be a follow up to its Kobo Glo ereader, though in terms of design they differ greatly.

Netronix, maker of the device, reportedly requested that the documentation related to the Kobo device be kept on the down low until August 30th so that "sensitive business information" was kept from the market, so – pending any more leaks – it'll be awhile before we get certain additional information on the slate. There are some specs, however, that were revealed by the FCC filing.

Reportedly, the Kobo N514 will feature a 6-inch display, possibly with a resolution of 1024 x 758 pixels, which would put it in line with the Kobo Glo. Likewise, the ereader is said to offer wireless connectivity in the form of 802.11 WiFi, and to feature a 1500mAh battery, which is a jump from the Glo's 1000mAh offering.

Based on this information, users won't find much difference between this and its predecessor. However, keep in mind that there's reportedly an embargo in place on information, and so this could change once we know more about what the slate offers. Until then, you can check out some of Kobo's other offerings in our Kobo tag portal.

VIA: The Ebook Reader