K'nex AK-47 assault rifle replica probably not for kids

You may recall the bizarre back-mounted K'nex gattling gun from all the way back in September 2008; K'nex builders obviously have a secret fetish for homemade weaponry, as another has put together this working replica of an AK-47 assault rifle. Not something you'd find in the K'nex instruction book, perhaps, but a pretty close impersonation of the real thing all the same.

When we say "working" we obviously don't mean it fires real bullets and kills people. Instead bright blue sticks are fed from a hidden magazine and shot out thanks to the magic of rubber bands. The visible magazine is fake, as is the muzzle.

Instructions for this one aren't quite as comprehensive as for the back-mounted weapon, with phrases like "build the walrus leg" and "Add the honkeybonk and oolapaloo together. This creates the Oolabonk." Of course, these could be perfectly respectable, well-known terms among K'nex builders, in which case I'm quite prepared to apologize upon correction.

[Thanks Tim!]