K’nex Back-mounted Gatling Gun: bizarre video demo

Chris Davies - Sep 2, 2008

If, like me, you’ve never looked at a box of K’nex and thought “that would be the ideal thing to make a back-mounted gatling gun” then this Instructable will be a real education.  Requiring 6100 pieces and capable of firing 60 shots in very short order (then taking about five minutes to reload), it’s not exactly going to revolutionize modern warfare but it does look pretty impressive.

Check out the video of the K’nex gun in action after the cut

Dubbed by its creator the X985 VIVISECTOR, it took several attempts to build a backpack assembly – out of K’nex, naturally – strong enough to hold up the wheel section. 

Best of all, if you’ve 6100 K’nex parts lying around and a temptation to chase your family firing short bursts of ball bearings at them, the Instructable has all the details necessary to build your own.  Though an auto-loader might be a good follow-up build.

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