Kindle Paperwhite preorders open for October 25 UK, France & Germany release

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Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite has gone up for preorder in the UK, Germany, and France, with both WiFi-only and 3G versions of the illuminated ereader making their debut outside of the US. Shipping from October 25, the new ereader uses E Ink's latest e-paper display complete with a front-lighting system which makes the Kindle's screen visible in low-light conditions without the glare of a traditional LCD or AMOLED tablet.

In the UK, the Kindle Paperwhite is priced at £109 for the WiFi-only model, and £169 for the WiFi+3G version which allows you to download ebooks outside of wireless hotspots. In France and Germany, meanwhile, the two models are priced at €129 and €189 respectively.

Amazon is limiting orders to two per shopper, and demand for the Paperwhite is likely to be strong. Sales in the US quickly saw shipping estimates stretch out to 4-6 weeks, and the addition of Amazon's Kindle Owners' Lending Library in the UK, Germany, and France later this month will only increase attention on the new ereader.

We've already played with the Kindle Paperwhite, and you can see how the illuminating system works in the video below. If you're still hungry for details, there's more on the Kindle Paperwhite in our full review.

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