Amazon Kindle Paperwhite sold out, backordered 4-6 weeks

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If you're thinking about springing for one of Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite ereaders, you're out of luck. The company says they're currently sold out of the new device (both models) and will be on backorder for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Then again, that gives you plenty of time to think about whether you really want one or not.

It's really no surprise that Amazon's new Kindle device was a big hit. It comes with an all-new e-ink display that shows whiter whites and blacker blacks, as well as featuring a front-lit LED display that makes it easy to read in the dark, but doesn't go so far as to cause eye strain like a traditional back-lit display would.

It also has a higher-resolution display, so the image is a lot more crisp than past Kindle models, and the performance is about as good as it gets for an ereader. Plus, at only $119, it's about the best performance to price ratio you can achieve from an ereader at this point. Read our full review of the device for more details.

With all of the new features that are in the new Paperwhite, it seems customers have responded more positively to the device than Amazon was expecting. With the device already sold out and put on backorder for 4-6 weeks, it proves that Amazon definitely wasn't expecting this kind of a turnout. However, it's still a good sign when your products are in demand, and it's even a better sign when you can't even keep up with demand.

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