KeyMander 2 mobile adapter turns Apple TV, iPhone into gaming console

The folks at Kaliber Gaming, part of IOGear, revealed the Kaliber Gaming KeyMander 2 Mobile Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices to the public today. This is just the latest in a line of "gaming control adapters" sold by the company. This piece of equipment allows you, the gamer, to use a keyboard and mouse on any iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV with Apple Arcade, Apple App Store games, and/or other game streaming services.

The combination of this converter and a streaming service like PlayStation Remote Play or the iOS Xbox app to play games generally relegated to console controllers – now with a keyboard and mouse. This is generally the situation with controller converters like this – they allow you to control games with controllers other than those they were meant to be controlled with.

According to IOGear, this newest converter allows users to play "over 1,000-plus mobile and cloud-based games with their favorite keyboard and mouse, whether the game natively support it or not." The KeyMander 2 Mobile allows users to do create "one-touch button combos" with macro functionality, and move between keyboard, mouse, or 3rd-party controller with ease.

We'll see more about how KeyMander 2 Mobile is programmed and how "Bluetooth programming, enabling wireless on-the-fly adjustments from mobile devices" will really work. KeyMander 2 Mobile will be available for sale starting in Q2 2021 in the United States and in Canada. The device will cost approximately $89.95 USD from select retailers as well as Amazon and B&H Photo/Video.

NOTE: This is not the first converter of this sort that's been made by the same crew. We reviewed the original KeyMander all the way back in April of the year 2014. Back then it was all about Xbox One, keyboards, and the idea that using a device like this might've been akin to "cheating." It all depends on who you ask!