Keep an eye on this Windows 10 update

Microsoft released a set of optional driver updates to Windows 10 computers that should never have been delivered. Inappropriate driver updates appeared for a set of users that did not request them, nor require them. This isn't like your everyday average "this latest Windows 10 update has a few bugs" situation – it's more like Microsoft released a software update (or set of updates) by mistake.

Reports suggest that driver updates are appearing on Windows 10 devices with the name "Intel – System". This update appeared for a set of users with the optional driver updates for Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 Update).

Users are also reporting the appearance of System updates with dates far, far older than they should appear. VIA Windows Latest it would seem that Intel System updates for the year 1968 are appearing for some users.

The update may appear for you with the title "INTEL – System – 7/18/1968 12:00:00 AM – Intel System driver update" released in September 2020.

In addition to updates appearing where they should not appear, users reported the ol' multiple-install bug. That's the situation in which an update is installed, but still appears on the optional updates list.

If your Windows 10 PC is set up to offer Optional Driver Updates, make sure you double-check each one of said updates. It would SEEM that the lot of these updates remain optional – not forced – so there's little need to panic if you're not the sort of person to go around tapping update buttons willy-nilly.

If you've never dropped in on Optional Updates in Windows 10 before – now's not the best time to start. If your computer already works just fine, don't go seeking out Optional Updates right now – at least not until this mix-up is sorted out fully. Also take a peek at the August 2020 Windows 10 update mercy error Failed to Install and watch out for new bugs.