Kazam smartphones ushered in by former HTC heads

Chris Burns - Nov 5, 2013
Kazam smartphones ushered in by former HTC heads

This week two former HTC executives have launched a smartphone brand called Kazam, complete with a whopping 5 models right out the gate. These smartphones are not aiming to present the sharpest displays, nor the most powerful processors – or the best cameras, for that matter. Instead they aim at a number of pressure points in the Android smartphone universe: replaceable batteries, microSD card slots, dual-SIM card ports, and top-notch tech support.

That’s what they say – Kazam’s creators Michael Coombes and James Atkins suggest that they are “obsessive about quality” and that they’ll be ready for you if you’ve got any questions or problems. It’s almost like a friendly club you’ll become a part of, it would seem.

”We care about the human experience, we want happy KAZAM customers for life. We believe the experience you have is as important as the technology, its about being there when you need us. Any questions, any problems, get in touch – we’re not robots.” – Kazam

They also suggest that if you break your display at any time within the first year of you owning your phone you’ll be able to send it in and have this broken display replaced for free. They also have a system they call “Kazam Rescue” that seems to resemble Amazon’s recent reveal of onscreen product support in “Mayday.” Have a peek at Mayday in our recent Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 review.

”Our smartphones help themselves – With KAZAM rescue we can access your device remotely to help fix any setup issues, with your permission of course!” – Kazam


Two smartphone tiers exist in the Kazam universe, one of them called Thunder, the other Trooper. The Thunder level appears to take on the higher-end specifications with a Quad-core processor, while the lower-end (or mid-tier) works with dual-core processors, the whole lot from MediaTek. Where you wont find Kazam shining is in its display collection – the “Trooper x5.0”, for example, works with a 5-inch display with 480 x 854 pixels across it.

You’ll also notice that these smartphones are sporting near-stock Android. No software enhancements or manufacturer-added apps here.

Have a peek at several photos of these machines that’ll be appearing soon, and expect a closer look at the whole set at CES and/or Mobile World Congress 2014, if not sooner. Expect these machines to launch in the UK and across Europe as well, mind you – these devices probably wont be seeing much USA action as it were.

VIA: Kazam

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