Kakai dual-display tablet sets sights on students

Stealthy start-up Kakai have had their project scooped by AllThingsD, who have discovered that they are working on a Linux-based foldable dual-screen device targeted at the education sector.  Intended – as we've heard about Microsoft's Courier tablet – to feel like a mixture between a notepad and a book, the unnamed tablet would be paired with a custom software suite and interlinked website.

In fact, AllThingsD refer to the Kakai project as "essentially a Kindle for students," though their integration of multimedia and note-taking seems more ambitious than Amazon's system.  Kakai was started by the same entrepreneur as behind the online textbook rental company Chegg, presumably a fact which helped the start-up secure almost $10m in funding.

Apparently a demo device is "several months" away, and so far beyond the vague descriptions of those familiar with the project it's unclear what it looks like, what display technology it uses and what the rest of the spec-sheet might contain.  We're guessing something along the lines of the Astri MID shown above, but will have to wait to find out.

[via Electronista]