JooJoo update goes OTA; tablet improved but still buggy

Fusion Garage has confirmed that the promised JooJoo software update has been released OTA to existing owners.  Tipped to address UI problems and bring full-screen Flash video playback to the iPad-alternative, the new firmware has also been loaded onto demo JooJoo units Fusion Garage have been toting for their European roll-out; unfortunately, judging by some hands-on impressions with the updated unit, it's still not perfect.

While Flash support is apparently better, the accelerometer remains a frustration; it's prone to lag or even freezing in one orientation and refusing to change.  We'll have to wait until a full re-review of the hardware to see quite how good a challenge the JooJoo now presents, but ironically it may be what the tablet doesn't come with that gives it a foot in the door: Fusion Garage reckon that they've heard a surprising amount of critique for Apple's policies – whether their App Store guidelines, or their general restrictions on things like multitasking – which of course works in the JooJoo's favor.