Jonathan Ive tribute to Steve Jobs video rings true one year later

This Friday is the one-year anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs, and one of the most moving – and interesting – tributes remains the speech given by Jonathan Ive on the 19th of October, 2011, at a private Apple event. This private ceremony displayed giant images of Jobs with his own Mac computer and smiles abound, while Ive reminisced on not just the way his late associate worked, but how he thought and acted as well. It's in this video that you'll get another taste of Jobs' father's "back of the cabinet" philosophy as well.

This video goes through a wave of design-related subject matter including the power of trying, failing and persevering, the power of ideas, and more on how Jobs certainly appeared to be a human creation machine. "Bold, crazy, magnificent ideas" as well as "dopey" ideas – all of this is important in the design process, notes Ive, and Jobs understood that, he makes sure to let the crowd understand.

There's also a few stories that'll make you giggle. One of them includes a process that Ive went through each time he traveled with Jobs in which they'd check in to a hotel, Ive would go up to his room, and Jobs would call him up saying "hey Jonny this hotel sucks." And then they'd go to a different hotel – but it all ties in to the narrative that Ive creates for Jobs. One of a man who at the same time didn't assume that they'd be successful but always had faith that they'd make something great.

Take a minute (or 7 and a half) to watch the video and keep your eyes peeled for more stories about Jobs that pop up over the next few days leading up to the end of this week. Have a peek at our Apple portal as well for all the new news regarding the products left in Jobs wake.

[via Core77]