Jolicloud 1.0 Bringing Touch Support Some Time in the Future [Video]

Whens' the last time we saw a Jolicloud video demo? A little over a year ago. Sure, the Linux-based Operating System went into "pre-Beta" back in December, but we can safely say that it's been quite awhile since we last saw the social OS. Now, here we are that year later, and we get word from Jolicloud themselves that they're actually working on upgrading the OS, and doing so means support for touch-based screens, of course.

It's not just going to work on one device, either. No, that means a wide range of support for a multitude of devices. From stand-alone tablets, to netbooks. Basically, the gadget needs to have touchscreen technology, and you'll probably be good to go. (Jolicloud has a full list at their blog.)

The video shows the OS working just fine on a Samsung NB30 netbook. And, surprisingly enough, it looks like it's actually pretty responsive. The HTML5-based interface seems to make it pretty snappy. As Jolicloud puts it, you'll be able to use Jolicloud 1.0 right out of the box on touchscreen devices, and judging by the comments on their blog, it looks like people are ready to get their hands on the updated OS. What do you think? Is touchscreen support something you're looking for?

[via Jolicloud Blog]