JoliCloud enters pre-Beta

Keffan Dolly - Dec 31, 2009, 6:23 pm CST
JoliCloud enters pre-Beta

JoliCloud, an optimized Linux based OS aimed directly at netbooks has just entered public pre-beta. This change comes bundled as two updates. Immediate differences include a new welcome screen and, most notably, the newly added ability to be installed directly from your Windows 7 or Windows XP machine. Additionally there will be added support for the GMA 500 chipsets. With these new additions 98% of all netbooks on the market are currently supported. There are currently plans to support the NVIDIA ION chip set however so far that update has yet to be released.

An official statement does warn that there may be a few problems associated with the release:

The system and drivers have been updated to work with all netbooks. However if WiFi, sound or video is affected by the upgrade, send us an email at making sure that you provide details, including what specific type of netbook you are using.

In any case you should consider following our Twitter feed at We use it to announce the latest info and updates about Jolicloud.

Together with your support and feedback let’s bring Jolicloud to full Beta mode in early 2010.

These problems appear to be minor setbacks when viewed alongside the overall goal of JoliCloud. Having intermittent WiFi and sound while designers work out kinks seems like an incredibly small price to pay for an overall better netbook experience in the near future.

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