Jolicloud “SocialOS” alpha gets video demo

Chris Davies - Jun 1, 2009, 9:15 am CDT
Jolicloud “SocialOS” alpha gets video demo

Watch out Moblin and Android – if Jolicloud have any say in things, your path to netbook OS domination won’t be so smooth.  In the works since late 2008, Jolicloud is based on Ubuntu and has been fettled for faster boot times and improved internet surfing.  It’s also been customized for cloud computing, with Jolicloud’s creators describing it as a Social OS; Sascha from NetbookNews grabbed a demo video at Computex today.

Video demo after the cut

What being a “SocialOS” basically means is that Jolicloud is designed with social networking in mind.  Support for services like Facebook and Twitter is built-in, as are GMail and Skype, bringing access to and updates from those online apps directly to the frontpage of the OS.

In a way it’s a little similar to HP’s Mi OS, available on some of their Mini netbooks, which brings key information such as email and calendar to the frontpage.  However Jolicloud places greater emphasis on social-networking and connected apps.  Apparently this early alpha will be released soon; more details in the video below.

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