Jolibook netbook to be £279 at UK launch

Chris Davies - Nov 18, 2010
Jolibook netbook to be £279 at UK launch

We’re gradually piecing the details together about Jolicloud’s netbook launch; according to yesterday’s news, the Jolibook – which is based on an Intel dual-core 1.5GHz Atom N550 CPU but runs a custom Linux-based OS rather than Windows 7 – will drop in the UK tomorrow, and now we know for how much. NetbookNews has discovered the Jolibook will be £279 ($444) when it arrives on UK shelves.

Pricing was tipped to be “competitive”, though looking at what you can also get for similar money suggests Jolicloud may not have quite made a clean sweep of it. Amazon is currently listing Acer’s Aspire One D255 for £267 ($425), also with the Atom dual-core only running Windows instead. You could therefore download Jolicloud and install it yourself, saving money in the process.

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