John Wick Hex game trailer and release date revealed

Chris Burns - Sep 20, 2019, 12:09 pm CDT
John Wick Hex game trailer and release date revealed

This morning we’re taking a peek at the newest trailer for the video game John Wick Hex. This game could’ve gone so wrong – but it looks like it’s going very, very right. When you’ve got a game that’s based on a movie series that’s largely about “guns, lots of guns,” it’s easy to imagine which games you could copy. But for John Wick Hex, it would appear that the folks at Bithell Games developed a new sort of angle – just like the films presented something just a LITTLE different from what came before – just different enough!

According to an interview with from PCGamesN, Mike Bithell himself made certain the development of the game was not just a re-do of something safe. “If you’re making a licensed game and you’re not trying to push the medium forward in my opinion you’re wasting your time.” This is no re-skin of something already in the wild, or something close enough to it – like Diablo Immortal.

The game looks like a cross between other games we’ve seen in the past half-decade – particularly Superhot, and/or several games from the now-defunct Telltale games. The game has voice work from some of the biggest names in the John Wick movie series, like Ian McShane and Lance Reddick. You’ll see some gameplay in the release trailer below.

The game will be released on October 8. John Wick Hex will be available on Epic Games (in the Epic Games store) for approximately $20 USD. This game will be released for Windows AND Mac, all at once. It would not be a shock to see that sort of thing happen more often in the near future, too – now that Apple Arcade is in the mix. Not that this game will necessarily be a part of that subscription service – but it wouldn’t be a particularly massive surprise if, at some point, it made its way down to Apple Arcade proper.

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