Superhot Switch version confirmed with a release date surprise

During today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase, the company made a surprising and exciting announcement: not only is Superhot coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it's arriving today. Switch owners have been requesting Superhot for a long time, so while it isn't all that shocking to see it finally arrive on the platform, the fact that it's releasing on the same day it was announced is definitely a pleasant turn of affairs.Superhot is one of those indie games that has managed to rise above many of the others to become something of a sensation in its own right. What seems like a minimalist shooter on the surface actually has a very compelling hook, as time only progresses at a normal rate when you move, throw a punch, or use a weapon. At all other times, time moves slower than usual, giving you a chance to devise a combat strategy.

You need that slow down mechanic because the enemies you encounter are all out to kill you, and it doesn't take much to do just that. When a single shot will put you down, you need to plan your attack carefully to ensure that you don't get hit and account for what other enemies are doing while you're focusing on one.

It isn't hard to see why a game like Superhot has managed to pull in a lot of fans with that hook. The game has ported to a variety of different platforms, first launching on PC in 2016 before launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has also been released in VR, and with today's launch on Nintendo Switch, it's now available on all current-gen platforms.

If that description above sounds good to you, then you can grab Superhot from the Switch eShop today. The game runs $24.99, which is the same price it costs on PC, so thankfully, it seems that Switch players have dodged the dreaded Switch tax with this release.