Jimco Reaper combines luxury and ruggedness in a desirable pre-runner package

The Jimco Reaper is a special kind of machine. Based on Jimco's all-new Reaper off-road platform, this pre-runner offers the best of both worlds: All-conquering off-road prowess and premium luxury. Sure, your Lexus LX, Toyota Land Cruiser, or Range Rover can do the rugged-luxury thing as well, but the Jimco Reaper can do more than basic off-roading.

But wait, why does the Jimco Reaper look familiar, you say? That's because the custom fiberglass body is based on the Ford F-150 Raptor. Other than that, you won't find a single Ford component underneath its aggressive bodywork.

It has an independent front suspension and a four-link rear axle unit developed in-house by Jimco. The front suspension travel is a generous 26-inches while the rear is good for 32-inches. Damping is courtesy of Fox 4.0 external bypass dampers and racing springs while Brembo six-piston calipers with 14-inch rotors provide the anchors on all four sides. Rounding up the look are 17-inch bead-lock wheels wrapped in 40-inch BFGoodrich KR2 off-road racing tires.

And since we're talking about a pre-runner, it would be heretical if the Jimco Reaper is not packing a gargantuan powerplant. It has a 9.1-liter (555 cubic inch) engine based on a big block Chevy V8.

Developed exclusively by Dougans Racing Engines, the Jimco Reaper is pushing 800 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque, which is perfect for pre-running the sweltering Baja desert at ridiculous speeds. The huge motor is connected to a GM 4L80E 4-speed automatic gearbox assembled by Gearworks.

However, the biggest triumph is the interior. Unlike other pre-runners, the Jimco Reaper is equipped with fine luxury accouterments. The dashboard is covered in genuine leather while the bucket seats have a diamond-stitched design. It also has a genuine Momo suede steering wheel, standard air conditioning, and even cruise control.

The best part? The Jimco Reaper is street-legal in Arizona. This particular Reaper belongs to Bobby Patton, the esteemed owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and owner of Jimco Racing. The company failed to reveal how much all this madness is worth, but we reckon this bad boy will command a six-figure price tag like most Jimco off-road trucks.