Jawbone offers full UP refund and lets you keep the band

We have talked a lot about the Jawbone UP over the last few months since we first heard about it. The UP is a bracelet meant to be worn all the time to tracks all sorts of health related data on exercise, sleep, and eating habits in conjunction with an app. The UP was tipped to hit soon back in October and then in November the official price and launch date was offered.

Since that official launch, there have been some issues with the UP wristband that have some owners complaining. Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman has posted up a letter to all users of the UP bracelet to apologize for the performance issues that are keeping many people from using the device as it was intended. According to Rahman, the issue with the UP devices has been pinpointed to a pair of capacitors inside the band for the power system that are failing.

The issue with the band generally surfaces in the first 7-10 days of use according to the maker. Jawbone is taking it on the chin and is offering any UP buyer a full refund with no questions asked. They will even allow you to keep the UP bracelet and still get your money back. I would wager that a new version would be made and offered for sale. The question is will buyers still be interested after the issues that have plagued the current system.