AT&T tips Jawbone Up coming soon

Back in July Jawbone


that it would be bring a new interactive bracelet sensor to iPhone users called the UP. The bracelet was supposed to be able to track all sorts of things and be worn constantly by the user. It can track what the user eats, their sleep, and how they exercise and then shoot that content to the iPhone via an app. When the UP bracelet was announced, we didn't know when it was coming or how much it would cost and details were missing.

AT&T has now

listed the UP

on its website and the device will be going on sale soon. This bracelet is interesting, but it doesn't look like something many people would wear all the time. It does allow you to track your caloric intake using a photo of what you are eating taken with the iPhone. That will certainly make it easy for dieters.

The app can also track your sleep phases so you can be sure you are resting well and it can send you wake up alarms that others won't hear. The app also has more than a little bit of social interactivity with it. You and friends can issue each other challenges for the most steps taken and other things for days, weeks, or even an entire month. Pricing isn't announced just yet, but it should be coming soon.