Jawbone JAMBOX The Remix gets limited release and hands-on

We've been given the opportunity to take a peek at Jawbone's newest iteration of their popular JAMBOX lineup of bluetooth mobile speakers, a custom color combination built with their new "JAMBOX The Remix" initiative. What you've got here is a collection of 13 different grille colors and 9 different cap colors, each of them fine tuned to look fabulous no matter what combination you make. Our choices were none other than Graphite Diamond and Red – the only colors you're ever going to need!

Given the choice between over 100 new color combinations, black and red were a basic must-have for the artwork I've got in my home. It works quite well with Shepard Fairey posters, that's for certain. While there are black color choices for both the caps and the grill here in the new Jawbone color combinator interface, it was clear that there was a perfect choice for the bright red that sat in the cap set.

Grills color choices come connected to patterns, with Dot patterns, Diamond patterns, and Hex patterns being connected to each of the 13 different shades of the rainbow (and outside the rainbow, as it were). The Graphite choice in grills is attached to Diamond, and connected to Red for caps, a perfect combination was made! We hit the order button and the JAMBOX was on its way to our review lab. Of course this device having exactly the same guts as the original JAMBOX, we needed no review, already knowing that we had a high-quality product on our hands.

Have a peek at the unboxing process above and below and let us know if you'll be considering a brand new Jawbone JAMBOX soon now that the company is offering color combinations for no more cost than the original unit has always been. Check our original JAMBOX The Remix announcement post to see all the details involved in making one of these units yours – note that the public will not be able to access the remix interface until the 28th of this month!

Also check our JAMBOX timeline below to track our coverage since the first unit arrived at SlashGear headquarters!