Jawbone Jambox Liquipel option makes Bluetooth speakers water-resistant

Beginning today, you can now waterproof — or, at the very least, water-resist — your Jambox wireless speakers when you order through the Jawbone website. The treatment option comes by way of a Jawbone partnership with Liquipel, the company responsible for the microscopically thin coating of liquid repellant found in some of today's high-tech devices. The option is available for the regular and mini versions of the Jambox.

The treatment should make it safe to tote your Jambox to the kitchen table, tubside, or even the beach. Jawbone's application process coats not just the outside but also the inside of the Bluetooth-enabled speakers. The process is IPX-5-certified, which means their custom treatment is tested and industry-compliant.

Jamboxes are already airtight inside for acoustical quality, but the treatment outfits the rest of the machine in terms of water resistance. Liquipel as a company has won a number of accolades for its nano-thin water resistance coatings with no effect on device performance or styling. The coating is invisible.

Those of you not familiar with Jambox, it comes in three sizes: original, mini, and big. All models can pair with an iOS app (and soon an Android app) that integrates with your iTunes, Spotify and Rdio accounts. Check out our hands-on reviews of the original Jambox, Mini Jambox and Big Jambox right here on SlashGear.