Jaguar XE hits a new milestone with 75MPG

The Jaguar XE has been introduced, and with it comes a new first for the maker: a projected fuel economy beyond 75MPG, something that is joined by a new modular architecture, RC5754 aluminium alloy, and environmentally friendly CO2 emission numbers. The car is set to be unveiled on September 8 in London.

Says Jaguar, the XE model is the only in its class that has an aluminium-intensive monocoque, and that aluminium is used for 75-percent of the car's build. This follows in the same vein as the maker's XJ, XK, and F-Type, which feature the same aluminium structures.

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Says the maker, the extensive use of aluminium "gives us a body structure with unrivaled low weight: it's light but also immensely strong with extremely high levels of torsional stiffness." Close attention was also paid towards safety, with Jaguar saying all related global standards have been exceeded.

The maker stresses that the XE will offer "unparalleled levels" of quality when it comes to things like steering and handling. This is in part via the use of a high-end suspension system. In addition to being the first car made with the RC5754 aluminium, the XE will be the maker's first Jaguar made at a new production facility at the Solihull plant.

SOURCE: Jaguar