iWatch has complex build, might be delayed

Nate Swanner - Jul 11, 2014
iWatch has complex build, might be delayed

The iWatch might be on its way, but at least one analyst believes it will arrive later than expected. Apple’s proprietary foray into the wearables sector may not come as quickly as we originally thought, but is still expected to arrive by the end of the year. Why the delay? Apple may be trying to do too much with their wearable.


Information from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo notes issues in just about every part of the process. Hardware, software — you name it, Apple is having problems. The screen, which some believe will be AMOLED to help control battery life, is said to be covered in Sapphire glass. According to the analyst, the implementation of Sapphire glass is giving Apple fits.

The iWatch would have more Sapphire than they’ve put on any product before (the only current application is the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S). That doesn’t quite jive with rumors surrounding the iPhone 6, though, where we’ve got a look at the Sapphire display already. If Apple were having trouble with Sapphire, why wouldn’t it relate to the iPhone 6 as well?

The manufacturing process Apple is using to keep the device slim is one we’ve talked about before. Quite a bit more difficult than simply making a tiny smartphone, the System in Package (SiP) process asks for extra steps — but has some built-in benefits. It will keep components in a tighter package, making water resistance simpler. Wireless charging is also said to be complicating the SiP process.

Kuo also believes the software is giving Apple issues, as they’re working on a newer version of iOS to make available on the iWatch. It’s not yet known how Apple will handle the software portion of the iWatch, so this is highly speculative.

Of course, this is all pretty speculative talk. Analysts have a spotty track record, but often have insight into manufacturing processes. The iWatch is believed to hit around November, which is still in time for the holiday shopping season. It seems that just after an iPhone 6 launch in the Fall, Apple will want a few hundred dollars extra for an iWatch.

Source: Apple Insider

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