iTunes 8.1 Genius for TV & Movies "isn't live yet"

Among the updated features listed in Apple's iTunes 8.1 release yesterday is "Adds Genius sidebar for your Movies and TV Shows", previously limited only to music.  However after installing the update and switching to either the movies or TV shows panes in iTunes 8.1, the Genius icon disappears.

Macworld asked Apple exactly what was happening with the feature, and according to spokesperson Tom Neumayr "the feature isn't live yet, but it will be in the coming days."

There's no specific availability details for the functionality, but presumably once it arrives iTunes 8.1 will be able to put together custom playlists of TV and Movie content and make improved suggestions of content users may want to buy.  It remains to be seen whether this will turn out as popular as Genius for Music; there's a difference between buying a few under-a-dollar audio tracks at Genius' suggestion, but whether people will do the same with more expensive TV shows and movies is uncertain.