Isabella Products 3G Photo Frame hits Europe in early 2012

Isabella Products – the firm behind the Vizit 3G-enabled photo frame and the Isabella Mini 3G dongle to turn your TV or dumb digital photo frame into a wirelessly-connected photo viewer – has confirmed it's bringing its range to Europe, with the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain the first to get their hands on the connected kit. The Euro Vizit and Mini will use Vodafone's network when they arrive in early 2012, allowing owners to send photos wirelessly either direct from their smartphones or via email.

Unlike most wireless photo frames, which generally use WiFi, Isabella's Vizit has a built in 3G modem and as such doesn't demand a nearby WiFi router. That means it's ideal for applications where broadband isn't available or financially feasible (grandparents' houses, perhaps); instead, there's a monthly or yearly service plan which includes a set number of wirelessly-delivered images.

The Vizit has a 10.4-inch touchscreen display, while the Mini looks like a USB modem; plugged into a regular digital photo frame, or indeed the USB port offered on various TVs, and it offers the same functionality as the Vizit. It was initially expected to launch in the US before the end of June, though we're waiting to hear back from Isabella Products as to whether that's still accurate.

No word on how much the European versions will cost, nor what monthly/yearly subscription fees will be involved.