Is Disney+ down? It's slow, it's not just you

Today Disney+ is having some network issues, and they're expected to continue through the week. Given the amount of issues logged by Down Detector and the relatively massive wave of mentions about the network in the last day, it would appear that the holidays have not been adequately prepared for by the folks running the servers that host the Disney+ network. Outages appear to be centered in the New York area, Southern California, Washington, Florida, and throughout The Netherlands.

The slowest ping for Disney+ in the past 24 hours was at 17:29 on December 23 with a whopper at 30.09 milliseconds. That's compared to an average time of around 5 milliseconds. This was according to the server watcher site Is It Down Right Now dot com.

This ping time spike aligns with the Down Detector map of reports for issues on Disney+ in the past 24 hours. VIA the Down Detector tracker, reports of down time and issues appeared at around 8PM (20:00) on December 23. Given the traffic in reports on the same list, we'll be ratcheting up far quicker today than yesterday.

In other words, don't be shocked to find Disney+ service going slower the closer we get to Christmas. You MAY want to go to plan B, downloading Christmas movies or heading to your DVD/tape cupboard to get your favorite holiday programming. Wouldn't want to get caught with the spinning loader with a house full of sugared-up children!

Meanwhile, if you've just gotten a taste of Disney+ for the first time today, take a peek at our big Disney+ Starter Kit. There we've got 10 key points for the launch of the system that remain valid well past the original launch of the system!