iPod Touch White Next Generation Device Parts Photos Appear

It would seem that as Apple is certainly one of the most ravenously sought-after brands in the world, their under-wraps projects have one of the hardest times staying completely hidden. Case in point: the newest version of the iPod Touch. What we're being told here is that the folks at iFixDirect have gotten their hands on a couple of pieces of the 5th generation of iPod Touch, this one showing a color change to reflect what we've seen in the most recent generation of iPhones (that being WHITE, of course,) and otherwise not not much else on the surface.

It would be a rare occasion indeed if Apple did end up changing one of their most successful versions of the digital music and apps player, especially since all rumors leading up to this point tell a story of only hardware changes, nothing much doing on the inside. The white coloration would of course follow as the newest generations iPhone and iPad have both offered a white choice aside their classic black, and it does appear that the 4-inch display remains the same size.

What we're almost certain to see here is a sort of silent release of this color device as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 releases this Autumn in a massive display, whatever it ends up being in the end. We're expecting the iPod Touch to last for some time now even though Apple's mobile operating system has clearly been more successful on their iPad and iPhone lines. Whether or not the white color is meant to increase sales for this upcoming season is certainly a moot point, though a possibly upgrade to an A5 chip, as we're expecting in the next generation if iPhones, may not be out of line.

[via AppleInsider]