iPod touch Street View firmware 2.2 hack

While those iPhone owners who upgraded to firmware 2.2 last week could be right now playing with Google Street View, iPod touch users found themselves still lacking the feature.  Apple has made no comment as to why the PMP lacks the street-level photo system, but that hasn't stopped timmyj9 from the iPod Touch Fans forum from making his own hack to enable it.

The hack requires a Jailbroken iPod touch (the tool for which the iPhone Dev Team released over the weekend, along with their iPhone 2.2 Jailbreak app) and requires a little XML tweaking.  It's likely that the process will be rolled up into a software update pretty soon.

Of course, as like the iPhone the iPod touch doesn't have an integrated compass, there's no automatic panning as seen on the T-Mobile G1.  Still, it's always nice to have something you're not supposed to.

[via Hackszine]