iPod touch 3G tipped for September: Data-only 3G radio

While we've been fielding rumors of iPhone 5's and iPad HD's of late, let's not forget the iPod touch, itself due for a refresh in September. Rumors regarding what the fifth-gen touch could offer have been thin on the ground so far, but Applespot.nl claims the PMP will, in fact, be the much-requested iPod touch 3G, adding a data-only cellular connection to the touchscreen media-player.

According to the site, while the iPod touch 3G will lack voice call functionality, so as not to infringe too greatly on the iPhone's niche, it will have some form of data connection that could be used for online gaming, downloading apps and multimedia iTunes content while on the move, and IM messaging using iMessage. VoIP would also be a likely candidate, though it would depend on carriers green-lighting the use of their data network in that way.

The site's track record for Apple rumors is practically non-existent, however, which lends a shadow of doubt across the whole thing, and whether Apple would run the risk of cannibalizing iPhone sales is still a significant point. Meanwhile, the physical limitations of the current iPod touch chassis could also present a problem in fitting the necessary cellular hardware inside, though there have been rumors suggesting Apple would adopt a teardrop-profile chassis that might give a little extra room.

Arguments have raged over the past few weeks as to whether Apple is readying a single fifth-gen iPhone or two devices, perhaps targeting entry-level and high-end segments.

[via Cult of Mac]