iPod nano 5G camera falls foul of gym blacklists

Apple's iPod nano 5G has impressed plenty of reviewers (and will likely find favor with even more buyers, too) but gym owners are less enamored.  With the arrival of the nano's video camera, the PMP has found itself on the blacklist for some gym changing rooms, over fears that patrons may use image- and video-capable devices to surreptitiously grab shots of each other.

Many gyms and fitness centers have long banned camera, camcorder and camera-equipped-device use in changing facilities, in an attempt to preserve privacy.  However the advent of the nano's camera now means that it could find itself similarly unwelcome; as one gym spokesperson explained, "discerning whether someone is taking video or just queuing up a music mix can be difficult."

The frustration for users will likely be that the newest nano is perhaps the most gym-friendly to date, with its combination of Voice Over text-to-speech announcing tracks and playlists, and its FM receiver for tuning into TV soundtracks which many fitness centers use short-range FM transmitters to broadcast.  How long before we see privacy stickers being handed out at front desks?

[via Neowin]