iPhone's most unique feature could be axed if EU has its way

A new law could be put in place soon that'd effectively force Apple to change the way the iPhone connects to computers physically. This might be a non-issue if Apple ever decides to move away from the physical connector cord in favor of an all-wireless system, but for now – all eyes are on Lightning. The European Commission is expected next month to present their newest attempt at legislation that'd make one common cord the law for smartphones across the board.

The European Commission is reported to be in the process of preparing legislation with a focus on physical charger hardware in the European Union. Per a Reuters report posted with Nasdaq>, the legislation will "establish a common charger for mobile phones and other electronic devices" across the EU.

It's quite likely this move will affect the way Apple does business more than most rivals, as the majority of Apple's smartphone-making rivals already use USB-C for most smart devices here in 2021. This is not the first time such legislation has been considered.

Apple previously responded to the EU's aim to move to a USB-C requirement, suggesting that the new rules would not avoid future e-waste, and would instead potentially increase the amount of waste due to the major efforts that'd be required to change over future devices. The relative lack of compliance between USB-C types has also been discussed among opponents to the EU's proposed future laws.

Take a peek at our earlier feature Europe's war on chargers could give Apple an iPhone problem – or an opportunity. This proposed move to require USB-C for smart devices has been in the works for a couple years short of a decade, and it's not likely set to end any time soon.

What do you think? When was the last time you needed to use a smartphone charger, couldn't find yours, and needed to make sure you were buying the right sort of cord? Did you buy said cord direct from the same manufacturer as made your smartphone or tablet?