iPhone periscope zoom tipped - is it time for Pixel magic?

A rumor today suggests that Apple's next iPhone will have "folded" periscope cameras enabling far better zoom. That's zoom, as in the ability to get a whole lot closer to subject matter that's about to be photographed or captured with video. Apple's plans won't likely significantly change the look of the iPhone, as the "folded" keyword indicates compact and otherwise sized-down hardware action.

The rumor this week comes from industry sources familiar with the matter speaking with ETNews. It's unclear at the moment how Apple will mark this feature as desirable to users, especially given the company's (rightful) obsession with giving users the ability to capture high-quality photos and videos with ease.

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When any user zooms in with a camera, their hand-held ability to potentially capture non-shaky media is diminished. The more the camera's lenses zoom, the easier it is for the user to ruin the entire captured photo or video with the smallest of bumps or tiny movements.

The next iPhone may, as such, include next-generation in-camera stabilization abilities. It'd be nice to see Apple adopt additional software processing abilities to the iPhone as well – at least as intense as those included with the Google Pixel. I've been asking nicely that someone destroy the Pixel camera since August of 2018 – why hasn't it happened?

Apple's focus on cameras hasn't led them astray with the iPhone since the beginning. At what point does it make more sense to start working toward an HDR-makes-good solution and stop focusing so hard on the hardware? Wouldn't that be more cost effective?

If you've owned a Google Pixel and an iPhone in the last several years, let us know! We're interested to see what you think of the two, and if you currently lean one way or the other in the camera department.