iPhone OS 3.1 May Finally Bring MMS and Other Things [Updated]

There's a lot happening this month, but we're sure you're keeping good tabs on it all. And there's no chance you forgot about Apple's event coming next week, right? Of course not. But, just in case you weren't excited enough already, get ready to have those socks knocked right off your feet. That's right, it may be coming: MMS.

When 3.0 launched, MMS was not just mentioned, but promised. And then the curtain came down, and AT&T informed everyone that it wouldn't be coming to the iPhone's US carrier. Along with MMS, there wouldn't be any Bluetooth file sharing, or tethering. Sure, everyone was displeased by this, but let's face it: it's Apple, and it's the iPhone. So, with the exception of a few lawsuits regarding the missing feature, everyone forgot about it. But now, it seems that AT&t has gone ahead and announced that the newest OS update, to 3.1, will be coming later this month. The AT&T spokesman noted Bluetooth file transfer first and foremost, but then added that MMS will also be coming to the US carrier. And we're hoping that tethering gets included and supported this time around as well, but this is pure conjecture.

[Update] AT&T has just gone out and released a statement, regarding the launch of MMS on your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. They're saying that the official launch date will be September 25, enabled via a software update on that day. Does that mean iPhone OS 3.1 is coming September 25?

On September 9th, Steve Jobs is going to announce several things, but least of all will be an improved firmware for the iPhone line up. Of course, there's no reason to think this won't be available for the iPod Touch line either, as all previous updates have been available for that handheld as well. Just under a week to wait to see what the Cupertino giant has in store for the world, so keep the edge of your seat warm, and your eyes right here as we bring you live blog updates.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]