iPhone is WiFi flight favorite says Gogo

Apple's iPhone is the most popular mobile device among travelers paying for in-flight WiFi, according to provider Gogo, with almost two-thirds of the mobile gadgets used to get online while in the air being the Cupertino company's smartphone. In contrast, the wireless firm toldĀ AllThingsD, Android devices are a mere 12-percent. The iPad, interestingly, ousted Apple's OS X based notebooks for full-sized internet device use.

The 9.7-inch tablet is classified as a computer, rather than as a mobile device, pitting it against MacBooks and Windows machines in Gogo's rankings. Still, over a third of users in that category got online with their iPad, compared to just short of 20-percent of OS X users. Windows machines ruled the segment, however, with 41-percent.

Back in mobile, the iPod touch was used by around 20-percent of flyers, comfortably besting WiFi-equipped BlackBerry handsets, at just 6-percent. Windows Phone and other platforms picked up the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel, meanwhile.

The numbers follow stats shared by analysts Nielsen yesterday about smartphone marketshare, which indicated that Android devices held a bigger proportion of the market than those running iOS. Whether users of Android phones are simply more content to switch off and enjoy a period of disconnect while in the air, or too cheap to pay Gogo's WiFi rates, the company perhaps sensibly doesn't speculate.

[Image via GeekSugar]