iPhone HD to use 320dpi 960 x 640 IPS display?

Rumors have been swirling since before the first leaked handsets that the fourth-generation iPhone HD would pack a significantly higher resolution display than either the existing 3GS or its smartphone rivals, and it looks like that could be the case.  Czech site superiphone.cz managed to acquire an iPhone HD display panel and slapped it under a microscope so as to count up exactly how many pixels there are: they reckon it is indeed 960 x 640 resolution.

They also believe the panel to be an IPS screen – with improved viewing angles than regular displays – as is used on the iPad.  As for how they came to their figures, they basically counted up the three-pixel sets and extrapolated from there.

In all, there's talk of twice the horizontal and vertical pixel density in comparison to the current generation iPhone 3GS, which adds up to around 320dpi.  That means super-crisp on-screen graphics and text, hitherto unseen in the smartphone market.  We're expecting Steve Jobs to take to the WWDC 2010 stage to announce the iPhone HD next week, and we'll be there liveblogging the whole event.

[via IntoMobile]