iPhone fold concept suggests a sleek future

A concept video created by Svyatoslav Alexandrov, Alexandrov's Studio for ConceptsiPhone demonstrates what might be if Apple jumps onboard the foldable train. In this concept, the iPhone Fold is exactly what you might expect: an iPhone 12 Pro with a big ol' bend in the middle. If what we're seeing here is made real by Apple, we'll basically have everything good about the iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold all in one package.

Because this is a concept video and isn't constrained by the same limitations put on Apple by the realities of supply and demand, the creator is able to deliver the device in multiple colors. Apple's released devices in RED and/or Product(RED) tones – but this is more intense than any we've seen in the real world before.

This isn't the first time a concept designer's taken a crack at making an iPhone with a foldable display. In the video below, you'll see a slightly more off-the-wall foldable iPhone in the video below. This concept suggests that Apple's ready to make some more massive jumps into the ... future?

We may very well be expecting too much out of Apple for a foldable display in an iPhone. If Apple doesn't see enough call for such a device, they won't make one. Given Apple's relative lack of any major change in the iPhone since the very beginning of the device lineup, there's a far greater chance that there'll be no folding in an iPhone at any point in the near future.

Instead it's far more likely that we'll see a rollable display in an LG Rollable device.

Of course there are still rumors that Apple's several patents that mention foldable displays will become part of a future device. Maybe not an iPhone, but something able to fit in your backpack, if not your pocket. Take a peek at the foldable timeline below to see what else has been going on in the foldable universe in the past few days to see if you can connect the dots.