iPhone and iPod touch iOS 3.1.3 users blocked from App Store

iPhone and iPod touch users running older versions of iOS have found themselves blocked from downloading software from Apple's App Store, owner complaints have revealed, with no official fix in sight. The issue, widely reported in Apple's support forums, affects devices running iOS 3.1.3 and leaves them unable to grab free or paid apps, rate software, view official screenshots or send details to others using the "tell a friend" option.

Complaints seemingly began after a December 16 update, leaving owners able to update the apps they currently have installed but not acquire any new ones.

The timing of the issue could well prove frustrating to owners and developers, with Apple's holiday "lock-down" fast approaching. App Store staff take an eight day break from Thursday this week, during which point no new apps are added and the various charts are frozen.

That can mean big rewards for any developers lucky enough to get their software in those charts in time, which often means cut-price downloads in the preceding days. EA, for instance, has promised over thirty cheap games prior to the lock-down, something iOS 3.1.3 users won't be able to take advantage of on their device (though they will, of course, be able to buy them on iTunes and then sync them across).

Apple is yet to officially acknowledge the issue, or indeed give any indication that a fix might be incoming.

[via Engadget; Image credit mwiesner]